Supravim™ Plant Booster Foliar Fertilizer


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Active Ingredient: Plant Extracts Concentrate
Composition Plant Extract Concentrate: 16%, N=1.16%, Na=0.58%

Supravim is a highly effective plant booster suitable for banana, rice, cornand fruiting vegetables. It stimulates natural growth defenses of plants at the cellular level, encouraging increased root size which allows more efficient uptake of nutrients and moisture to stalks and leaves, improving stamina of the plant.

Supravim is not a regular fertilizer and does not take the place of a good plant nutrition program. It simply dramatically enhances nutrition, minerals and moisture uptake by the plant. This means that the plants may need less fertilizer than in the past to do its job. It breaks down nutrients and minerals into nano-sized particles that make them more bio-available to plants.

This product exemplifies the latest advances in nano/colloidal technology and is one of the most promising advances in environmental science.

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