Guaranteed Concentration: Silicon(SiO2) 30% (w/w)

SILISEC K is a concentrated liquid fertilizer based on potassium silicate which is characterized by its high
solubility. When applied foliarly creates a thin layer of silicon on the cuticle which in addition to having
hygroscopic properties, forms a barrier that protects in this way, the cultivation of a possible infection.

Applied in fertigation, SILISEC K after its absorption is deposited in amorphous form in the cellular walls
contributing to the mechanical properties of the wall, improving its rigidity and elasticity, thus protecting the
crop against possible infections.

SILISEC K reduces the transpiration of the plant and enhances resistance to drought, frost (prevents the
formation of ice crystals). It increases the mechanical resistance of the stems and strengthens the root system.
SILISEC K improves the absorption of phosphorus so it is indicated in situations of deficit, either by blocking
the soil or by stages of the crop of maximum need for the plant (rooted, set, flowering …).

Available in 1L, 5L and 20L
Indicated price is per liter


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